Let’s consider the following scenario. Although simplified and changed it is based on true story. We had built and currently support the application for our customer. One of the features is calculating bonus salaries for his employees. It is based on a formula, and let’s say it depends on seniority, current salary, grate, rating and… Read More

Once recruiter asked me, what is your favourite realm of software engineering. – Design patterns – I responded. – Ok, so explain me idea of Flyweight design pattern. I tried to get from depth of my memory something about Flyweight, but with little efort. Many years passed, but still when discussions goes into Design Patterns,… Read More

Use Regular Expressions is rather not very popular feature in Find and Replace toolbox. For many years I was about to take look at this option, but always were too impatient to dig into this button and always do changes manually. But once I restricted myself from manually replacing content and took a look at… Read More

Let’s assume we have following business requirement: When a customer has 10 accounts or more, he becomes a premium customer and must be informed about this. After deployment, everything works great, but here’s another business requirement: Many of our customers don’t log often, so let’s check every week if they are fit to become a… Read More