I am a big fan of code generation. I would like to have code typed instantly after it is designed in my head. It seems that there’s popular belief that what could be done in this subject was done in Resharper. To my regret, I haven’t found many solutions. But those which I found are… Read More

In the project I recently had been worked on I needed to create a lot of POCO classes. To make my work easier I quickly created simple Windows Forms application that helped me a little bit. I was bored with typing, even copy-pasting ‘public’, ‘get’, ‘set’ and other stuff, and written myself app that try… Read More

Use Regular Expressions is rather not very popular feature in Find and Replace toolbox. For many years I was about to take look at this option, but always were too impatient to dig into this button and always do changes manually. But once I restricted myself from manually replacing content and took a look at… Read More