In this post I will connect with Neo4j from .NET application. I will try to generate social network structure – one of most exemplary use case for applying Neo4j. We will use Neo4j.Driver: officially supported by Neo4j connects to the database using the binary protocol it aims to be minimal – suports query execution, materialize… Read More

Getting started In this post, I am going to walk you through Neo4j installation and first queries. 1. Go to¬† 2. After quick, [bezproblemowy] installation process, you will see Neo4j desktop 3. To add a new database click Add Graph, then Create a Local Graph. 4. Type database name, and password. 5. Click Start to… Read More

Neo4j is representative for graph databases, which are of four main types of NoSQL databases. Graph databases are usually mentioned as the last item of this list and as we see below, there are not so popular comparing to SQL and other NoSQL databases.   But what for me was very noticeable that usability and… Read More