Topshelf framework simplifies creating, installing and managing Windows services. Finally, you do not need to click in Services Control Manager, remember what was that command to install and start service. Everything that is to be done is to define what you want in fluent configuration, without any detailed knowledge about Windows services infrastructure. From now… Read More

In this post I will connect with Neo4j from .NET application. I will try to generate social network structure – one of most exemplary use case for applying Neo4j. We will use Neo4j.Driver: officially supported by Neo4j connects to the database using the binary protocol it aims to be minimal – suports query execution, materialize… Read More

Let’s consider the following scenario. Although simplified and changed it is based on true story. We had built and currently support the application for our customer. One of the features is calculating bonus salaries for his employees. It is based on a formula, and let’s say it depends on seniority, current salary, grate, rating and… Read More